growing together while apart.

a new take on remote learning.

what is maia?

Maia brings the classroom to life by creating live animations of teachers and students.  

Teachers can write on the whiteboard in real-time and add effects and animations to enhance interactivity.

Students can raise their character's hand to participate and write on the virtual whiteboard when called on to do so. 

why us

innovative technology

Maia uses advanced facial recognition technology proven to optimize student engagement and enhance performance. 

safe and secure

Maia has taken special care to ensure the security of teacher and student data. 

interactive and intuitive

Maia is highly engaging and so easy to use that students do not need assistance from their parents to participate.

grow with us

With Maia, your students will no longer have to sacrifice the quality of their education when they are learning online. Please contact us to learn more about how you can use Maia in your classroom.

Maia. Growing Strong Since 2020.
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